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India’s 1st BIS approved Stainless Steel bright bar and Wire supplier

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We are one of the most-renowned Stainless Steel bright bars and Wire manufacturers in India, catering to a varied amount of industrial application. Our team designs exceptional products in stainless steel wires and bright bars, according to each client’s requirements to meet their specific applications. Special heat treatments are supplied to the bars with strict compliance to meet the specifications and standards.

With reference to the Quality Control order issued by the Indian Steel Ministry on 13th August 2018, we are India’s 1st BIS approved Stainless Steel bright bar and wire supplier. All of our products are covered under the order which covers all grades under the Indian Standards IS 6603(2001), 6527 (1995) & 6528 (1995).

The quality control has been issued with two aims in mind – Firstly, to reduce the imports of Stainless Steel and thereby helping reduce the trade deficit. Secondly, to set a benchmark of quality throughout India for bright bar and wire production.

Considering the diverse sets of applications of stainless steel, this benchmark helps secure quality standards and practices. Also, the fact that people are exposed more to the use of stainless steels in one form or the other, the BIS standard in Bright bars help them attain safe reliable quality products from a trusted supplier who has the means to provide a quality product. This will also help to restrain the fast-paced competition in steel manufacturing industry from Suppliers Outside of the country, who are supplying defected or inferior quality products to Indian users.

Venus has already Implemented all the BIS standards and has been the 1st Company in all of India to be approved by the BIS committee. We have always vowed to provide the most reliable Bright bars and wires for various application. We are supplying heavily to the automotive industry and realise the impact of defected or inferior quality bars would have in such applications.
Currently, we as the bright bar suppliers, are selling our exclusive SS bars and SS wires to more than 60 different countries building a strong client base in industries such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, medical, food, oil & gas, and many more.

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