Excellence & expertise in manufacturing stainless steel wires & bars since 1990


Traditional 'free machining' stainless steel grades rely on sulfur (S) additions, forming evenly distributed manganese-rich sulfides or selenides. These act as chip breakers during machining, allowing for increased machining speeds and prolonged cutting tool life. Additionally, the 'non-metallic' inclusions can serve as a solid lubricant at the tool/workpiece interface, potentially enhancing surface finish.

Fitmach Bars

Alloys Aisi/W.NR.

Free Machining Gardes

AISI 303 416 430F
W.Nr. 1.4305 1.4005 1.4104

*Equivalent DIN / AFNOR / B.S / JIS / GOST / UNI grades are supplied.

Customized chemistries are available to best suit your applications.

  • Oered in round, square and hexagon bars
  • Close size tolerance - f6, e8, h7, h8, h9
  • Straightness below 0.5mm/mtrs
  • Ra < 0.5 um
  • Eddy current and UT tested
  • Free from any defects
  • Can be produce from peeled wire rod on request.
Value Addition
  • Less down time
  • Less material stuck up and vibration in collate
  • Improved tool life
  • Great accuracy of finished parts
  • Nearly zero crack