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Solenoid Quality Bars

A solenoid valve is an electro-mechanical device used where the flow of a fluid such as air, gas, water, oil, or steam has to be controlled automatically. Their applications span in numerous industries as they are much more efficient than manual valves.

Properties of stainless steel, such as non-corrosive nature, 100 percent recyclability, heat resistance, etc. make it the most preferred alloy. Given its unique features, Stainless steel solenoid valves are ideal for all kinds of installations, especially where there is exposure to harsh conditions, such as direct sunlight, extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, moisture, chemicals, dirt, and dust. Specially designed Stainless steel by Venus has the perfect magnetic properties such as the Permeability and Residual Induction for the Solenoid application.

Also, when using stainless steel, the cost of maintenance and losses resulting from wear and tear is minimalized, thereby expanding the shelf life.

Venus helps you with the best quality of stainless steel required for application in the making of solenoid valves.