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Cold Heading Wire

The high precision cold heading quality wire are produced from selected wire rods, customized special coatings suitable from high speed cold heading, efficiently managed process control and monitoring.


AISI 304/304L 305 316/316L 316Cu 430 304Cu
WR. No. 1.4567 1.4303 1.4404 1.4578 1.4016 -
Note: *9% Ni & 3% Cu
**8% Ni & 2% Cu
Customized chemistry.
Higher nickel variants grades are available.
Size range
  • 2.00mm to 22mm
Supply Conditions
  • Annealed at final diameter
  • Cold drawn and Solution annealed
  • Annealed at intermediate stage and pre coated
  • Annealed at intermediate stage and pre coated Skin passed to final diameter
  • Drawn in grease
  • Solution Annealed
  • Peeled and Solution Annealed
Available coating
  • Venus developed lubrication solutions for the cold heqading application based on hands on experiance and research on basis of forming operation, shelf life, tool life & cleanliness requirement.