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3 Reasons Why Hospitals Should Opt For Surgical Stainless Steel Products

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You may not hear the term surgical steel often, but it is more common among stainless steel manufacturers in India who design healthcare steel products. And after the pandemic, it has gained more popularity with the increasing demand for medical appliances and surgical tools.

What Is Surgical Stainless Steel?

Surgical grade stainless steel isn’t a different category of steel, but it is a class of steel grades approved as standard raw materials for healthcare industry products. Commonly used medical grade stainless steel include austenitic SS 316, martensitic SS 440, and SS 420.

These specific types of stainless steels offer benefits that cannot be achieved with other metals and alloys. And here’s why healthcare-oriented stainless steel suppliers in India should focus more on developing these surgical steel grades:

Non-corrosive Strength To Equipment:

All biomedical equipment need two crucial properties, i.e., safety and non-reactiveness. Medical tools regularly deal with several reactive chemicals that can erode their surfaces and contaminate them.

Stainless steel grades like SS 316 are widely known to be corrosion resistant even in the harshest chemical environments.

Without the chances of corrosion, any surgical steel equipment will last for decades with the same safety level and help reduce hospital expenses, which can be diverted towards patient care.

Protection From Heating & Freezing Scenarios:

The crystallized molecular structure of specific medical-grade SS is impervious to extreme heat and cold. Hence, a steel body prevents fluctuating temperatures from affecting the elements it encloses.

This property is crucial in hospital and research lab environments where several chemicals and electronic devices work hand-in-hand.

Rooms and storage cabinets designed with such steels prevent fires from spreading, protecting equipment from damaging each other in any way.

Easy To Clean & Disinfect:

Hygiene has always been the most significant concern for all healthcare facilities. And to keep equipment and rooms as clean as possible, a wiser alternative is to design them with materials that readily resist dust, dirt, and stains.

The ‘stainless’ in stainless steel is to emphasize the fact that it is the most hygiene-friendly alloy available today.

Surgical steel tools and machines require minimal maintenance, and as they do not host microbial organisms, they are much easier to disinfect.


Surgical steels have opened up many possibilities for designing healthcare equipment to improve medical practices and patient care. The only thing remains is for the stainless steel manufacturers in India to form stainless steel grades that cater to the medical requirements of the future. And Venus Wires Is one of the few SS suppliers in India who have proactively taken the initiative to produce steel bars and wires of the utmost quality to design hospital equipment inexpensively. You can visit the Venus website to learn more about our medical grade stainless steel products and our work towards supporting the healthcare industry.

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