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Our stainless steel hexagon bars and square bars products range from 5mm to 50 mm and conform to standards of ASTM A276, ASTM A484, ISO h11 & k12. These stainless steel hexes and stainless steel square bars manufactured products are highly machinable and suitable for component-producing companies.

With immense tensile strength adhering to the standards of ASTM ASME, both ss square bar (including 304 square and 316 stainless steels) and hex rods (such as alloy steel hex bars) prove to be outstanding for companies that are into factory constituent production. Since a skilled team meticulously crafts steel bars, precision and durability in every carbon steel and alloy steel component are ensured. Thus, among the diverse range of stainless steel products, the stainless steel hex bars stand out, showcasing a blend of strength and corrosion resistance. The engineers expertly shape stainless steel hexagonal rods, a testament to their proficiency in working with specialized materials. The seamless integration of alloy steel and (stainless steel) ss hex bars results in meeting various industry requirements. Thus, if you are seeking austenitic stainless steel for a hexagonal rod or a square stainless steel bar, reach out to us today!

Hex-And-Square Bars

Alloys Aisi/W.NR.


AISI 303 304 304L 316 316L 316Ti 403 410 416 430F
W.Nr. 1.4305 1.4301 1.4307 1.4567 1.4305 1.4301 1.4307 1.4303 1.4828 1.4332

*Equivalent DIN / AFNOR / B.S / JIS / GOST / UNI grades are supplied.

Customized chemistries are available to best suit your applications.

Heat Treatments

300/400 Series Annealed

Size range

FOR HEX & SQUARE: 5 mm (3/16”) to 90 mm (3.54")


Width 20-50 mm (0.75”-2”) thickness 3-32 mm (0.118”-1.25”)

Width 65-100 mm (2.5”-4”) thickness 6-32 mm (0.24”-1.25”)

GFM forged Flat Bars (Not machined or milled) – Width 50-150 mm (2”-6”) thickness 80-350 mm (3.15”-14”)

Press forged Flat Bars (Condition, Planed or milled ) – Width 50-150 mm (2”-6”)

thickness 80-350 mm (3.15”-14”)

Diameter Tolerance

ASTM A 484/ISO h11/150 k12


Upto 6 meters max. (20" max.)

Supply Condition

Cold Drawn & Polished