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By Venus Posted April 15, 2020 In stainless steel, Cored ARC Welding, Stainless steel welding wires, Stainless Steel Wires, sub arc welding

From skyscrapers and heavy machinery to cars and kitchen utensils, welding is the most crucial part of creating strong joints that last indefinitely. Every metal or seam requires a particular type of wire and welding technique to blend the metals on molecular levels. However, a lot of fabricators, not being well aware of this fact, use any welding wires based on old practices or easy availability. Using a welding wire that best suits the type of metals used for a welding project can provide great strength and one might even save costs on maintenance.

Currently, the following are the most widely used welding wires as their properties and capabilities exceed every fabricator’s expectations:

Solid gas metal arc welding (GMAW) wire:

Solid wire electrodes are commonly referred to as GMAW electrodes. The strength and weld deposit provided by this wire highly depends on the chemical composition and the type of shielding gas used to envelop the sediment from the environment.

A GMAW wire that contains a higher amount of deoxidizers can handle moderate contaminants without compromising its efficiency. For such applications, ER70S-6 wires that have higher levels of silicon and manganese are preferred.

They are highly efficient to use on blasted plates and can also be used for out-of-position welding using a short-arc procedure on thin materials.

Generally, using GMAW with solid wire is a clean process that requires minimal post-weld cleaning. However, some methods, like the short-arc and globular welding create some splatter that needs proper cleaning.

However, due to its slag-less weld deposits and minimal post-weld maintenance, a lot of fabricators prefer GMAW wires.

Composite GMAW (metal-cored) wire:

Metal-core wires are tube-shaped electrodes that envelop a metal constituent at their core.

They used to be considered as a type of flux-cored wires but were later recognized to be composite GMAW electrodes. The metallic components at its core help deoxidize the scale better, without blasting the metal before welding.

Their properties are quite similar to that of a solid GMAW wire except that they can handle mill scale and surface contaminants better than GMAW solid wires.

They also provide a higher deposition rate at given amperage due to the higher current density of the tubular metal core.

They facilitate more wetting and flatter bead shapes at a fast travel speed on plates with mill scales. They also produce less splatter as compared to solid GMAW wires.

Composite GMAW wires can be used for high-strength, low-alloy applications by adding low-allow metallic components to the core to achieve desired mechanical properties.

Gas-shielded flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) wire:

Gas-shielded FCAW wires contain fluxing agents along with metallic deoxidizers in their tubular core. These core components provide better protection from atmospheric elements and can be designed to enhance the properties of the weld deposit.

Also the flux agent and shielding gas together make it the most tolerant welding wire for dirty metal surfaces.

They provide the highest deposition rate when compared to solid or metal-cored wires and can be used for many high-strength, low-alloy applications.

The AWS E71T-1 or E71T-12 wires provide a high deposition rate when used out-of-position. However, some FCAW wires can also be used for in-position welding.

You must always buy welding products from trusted welding electrodes manufacturers as their efficiency highly depends on their composition and manufacturing techniques.

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