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By Venus Posted August 25, 2020 In Stainless Steel Wires

Today, after the development of various unique compositions of stainless steel (SS), the manufacturing of hardware and CNC machine tools is done with stainless steel grades as the primary or default material throughout the country. These grades add a unique set of properties in products like wires and bars which no other metal can provide.

How Does Stainless Steel Help Increase The Overall Efficiency Of CNC Machines?

Metals used for designing tools on CNCs require specific qualities which could ultimately increase the durability and efficiency of the machines they would be used in. And the recently developed SS alloys are designed keeping in mind this quality criterion. Here are some of the properties which are commonly inculcated in various SS grades to make them so preferable for machining tools:

Cryogenic (Low Temperature) Resistance
  • Cryogenic resistance is the ductility or toughness of a particular metal at sub-zero temperatures.
  • At cryogenic temperatures, the tensile strengths of some SS grades are substantially higher than at ambient temperatures.
  • Hence, they maintain excellent toughness as tools parts of machinery employed in snowy regions
Magnetic Response
  • Some SS grade compositions are intended to make them perfectly non-magnetic.
  • Although a magnetic response may be induced in lower austenitic grades by cold working, high nickel grades like 316 and 310 remain non-magnetic even with cold working.
  • Non-magnetic tool parts greatly help in reducing eddy currents, ultimately subduing the generation of heat due to leaked currents.
Work Hardening
  • The strength of the work hardenable grades of SS can be easily increased through the cold working process.
  • Additionally, a combination of cold working and annealing stages can further manipulate the toughness of the fabricated component.
  • Take the example of wire drawing where the wires that are to be used as springs are work-hardened to a specific tensile strength. However, if the same wires are to be used as bendable ties, they are annealed to turn them into a softer material.
Corrosion Resistance
  • The Chromium in the alloy forms a self-healing protective transparent oxide layer which enables ultimate corrosion resistance.
  • This layer has the ability to self-heal, which makes it invulnerable to any fabrication method.
  • Hence, its corrosion-resistant nature remains intact even after suffering any cuts or damages, which makes it highly reliable for tool designing.

Hence, almost all stainless steel round bar suppliers and bright bar manufacturers in India have started using several SS grade alloys which could serve as optimal raw materials of tool designing. Some of the most beneficial and commonly used grades include:

Alloy 304

SS Grade 304 is the most versatile SS alloy in machining tools as it provides excellent forming & welding characteristics. SS 304 contains a composition of 18-20% chromium, 8-10% nickel with small amounts of silicon, manganese, and iron.

Alloy 316

Grade 316 is standard grade and most useable grade after 304. As it contains molybdenum, it can resist corrosion to a great extent and also has excellent forming & welding characteristics.

Alloy 400

SS grade 400 comprises of 11% chromium and 1% manganese. It is subjected to extensive heat treatment for achieving the uniform hardness and is widely used for machining due to its higher wear-resistance and structural integrity.

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