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By Venus Posted December 15, 2020 In stainless steel, stainless steel Bright Bar

Today, all automobile manufacturers in India are striving to roll out car models that are durable, efficient, comfortable, and, more importantly, safe. Many metals and alloys are being tested for optimal performance ability to create components that last longer. And when it comes to durability and reliability, the mentions of stainless steel (SS) are inevitable.

We are well aware of SS’s contribution to the civil and machine works, but the recent use of different grades of stainless steel in the automotive industry needs more spotlight. SS grades have long been used to design exhaust systems that deal with various pollutant gases exhaled from the engine. However, many modern automobiles are incorporating SS based fasteners, body parts, and decor elements. And here are the key attributes that have led to this increasing scope of stainless steel applications for the automotive industry:

Demand for Lightweight Components

The primary factor that drives an automobile’s fuel economy is its weight. The heavier the vehicle, the higher will be its fuel consumption.

Compared to other metals, SS alloys can deliver on both of these qualities with its elementary metals’ right composition.

Most SS grades are readily lighter in weight and can be modified to offer much more sturdiness to individual body parts such as the fuel tank, the chassis, and even the bumpers.

High Resistance to Corrosive Elements

Vehicles deal with corrosive elements internally and externally. Internally, there’s the fuel and its exhaust gases, and externally, the dirt and environmental pollutants.

Hence, it becomes crucial to use raw materials that are readily nonreactive to at least some of these elements. SS grades are more than suited for this job as they generally do not react with any chemical components and offer better functionality and durability.

Though the application of SS is more common in exhaust systems, there is extensive R&D on trying to use it for designing the overall body.

Stronger Framework Design

Though lightweight and non-corrosiveness are essential, the used raw material must not compromise the overall strength and impact tolerance of the automobile. Right from the mainframe to the fastening elements, all components of a vehicle part need to add to the strength of the whole system.

This is primarily automotive manufacturers are demanding small components such as tubing, brackets, springs, clamps, flanges, etc., to be made from SS grades as they are crucial in sustaining stronger, durable structures in cars.

High Formability for Complex Decor

Better aerodynamics and graphics are the key public demands these days, and automotive manufactures keep looking for metals that can allow higher formability and aesthetic appeal for more complex body design.

SS by itself is superiorly polished and easy to form, making it suitable for introducing aesthetically enhanced body parts that can impress anyone at a glance.

Fir any stainless steel manufacturing company in India, the automotive industry has become a major clientele for raw materials like rods, bars, wires, and sheets. Venus has played a significant role by offering the best-in-class products of stainless steel in the automotive industry for several years. If you’re an automotive parts manufacturer looking for a reliable stainless steel manufacturing company in India, you can directly reach out to our industry experts and learn more about the modern SS grades and designs we offer that can boost your product standards today.