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AS9100 – An Essential Quality Standard For Aerospace Product Manufacturers

AS9100 – An Essential Quality Standard For Aerospace Product Manufacturers

By Venuswire India Posted April 8, 2021 In AS9100 certified companies
What Is AS9100?

Like The ISO 9001 standards that specify guidelines for maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) in your organization, the AS9100 is a global aerospace standard (AS) that was released by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). It puts forth a standardized set of quality requirements for aviation, space, and defence organizations. To be more precise, the AS9100 standards are derived from the ISO 9001 standards to implement a QMS in these aerospace industries.

First released in 1999, the latest version of this article was updated in 2016 as AS9100 Rev D, which incorporates the requirements of the ISO 9001 version issued in 2015.

Why Was AS9100 Established And What Does It Mandate?

AS9100 has been established specifically for aerospace product suppliers to ensure that all safety, analysis, and quality steps are followed by a manufacturer while offering optimal quality products to any aerospace company.

Under these standards, you, as a manufacturing unit, have to implement a QMS to manage, control, and audit your processes, and invite an outside certification body to verify that your QMS meets the mandatory conditions as stated by AS9100’s seven quality management principles (QMPs).

What Is An AS9100 QMS?

A Quality Management System is a set of guidelines that defines how a company should manage its policies, processes, documented procedures, and records in order to provide optimal quality products and services to customers. These are general guidelines that you have to modify to suit your organization type and processes.

You must note that AS9100 standards are essentially designed by the aerospace industry specifically for industries that cater to other aerospace companies and has little application outside this business domain.

Why Is AS9100 QMS Important?

Implementing a full-fledged AS9100 QMS will not only ensure that you meet aerospace-specific product requirements but also enhance your overall production process and customer services. Any buyer would be more than content to know that your products are made under an AS9100 QMS and would always prefer you over other non-standardized brands.

The greatest advantage of gaining an AS9100 certification is that it puts your brand name in the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) maintained by the IAQG. This international system offers a list of all certified suppliers for any aerospace company to contact and strike a deal with.

As OASIS is extensively used and trusted by various aerospace companies worldwide, it helps you market your products to the right audience for free! Additionally, your status moves up to be a globally recognized industry.

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