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By Venus Posted August 2, 2018 In stainless steel

Steel is considered as one of the best and most common materials all over the world which represents an industry that produces close to 1.3 billion tons of stainless steel a year. The material is usually used for the construction of different architectural fabrications. There are several subcategories of steel and that depends on different qualities along with characteristics of a certain build. The type of steel may vary a lot though. What varies more is the hardness, the strength, the cost and the aesthetics. Depending on the kind of work and the detection of the proper type of steel, you can go for a job that depends on the cost and project.


It has also been defined as a steel alloy which has a minimum of 12 percent chromium content. Stainless steel never stains. It never rusts or corrodes and is very easy to use. The only problem with stainless steel is that it is never stain proof. It is also known as corrosion resistant steel when the type of alloy as well as grades are not detailed, especially when it comes to the aviation industry. They are several grades which furnish stainless steel that suits environments with materials which can be subjected in a lifetime. Common uses of such stainless steel are also used.


Carbon steel is often called mild steel. It can also be called plain carbon steel. The Iron and Steel Institute in America often defines a carbon steel in having close to 2 percent carob and no other alloying element. Carbon steel also makes for the biggest part of production steel which is used in a huge range of applications. Typically most carbon steels are strong and stiff. Welding such carbon steels need you to take special precautions. However, welding carbon steel will cause lesser problems. The resistance of such carbon steels is poor so they must never be used in an environment that is corrosive.


Steel is usually less malleable and much harder than any other mild steel. Mild steel on the other hand is much less brittle than other steels. Steel is more resistant when it comes to corrosion. Mild steel can be used for strengthening throughout the addition of carbon. The basic difference has little carbon and can be alloyed with nickel, chromium and other elements. Where and why should you use mild less steel?

If you are not going to see the surface of steel, the final piece will be painted or maybe coated. In case the piece requires you to have large chunks of metal where stainless is not that cost effective. If you need steel for all its structural components which are internal to the piece and aren’t visible, the whole visual concept would be of welding the metal.

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