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By Venus Posted April 20, 2020 In Stainless Steel Wires, stainless steel, Stainless steel welding wires

Since its inception, the steel industry has made a significant contribution to a sustainable world via an array of creative steel products such as stainless steel wires, rods, SS bars, flat wire, tube, and much more. The steel industry has been playing a significant role in the transition of renewable energies. At present, stainless steel is the most widely used industrial alloy worldwide. Our tailored supply chain options are flexible to encompass customer’s unique requirements while staying cost-competitive in the market.

Redefining innovation in the steel industry

Being the best manufacturer of stainless steel wires in India, we innovate by solving not just the cost reduction challenges, but also the product’s sustainability by minimized usage of water or energy. On the other hand, we ensure the products accommodate all possible safety measures. Some of our innovation in the steel industry

1) Smart packaging of steel tubes

World-class steel manufacturers and stainless steel suppliers need to comply with technical product specifications and also the logistic requirements such as packaging, labeling, and much more. The automation of steel tube packaging resolves the challenges of accumulating the tubes and getting themselves intertwined before being taken to the storage room.

The solution consisted of an innovative design made up of simple tools to form hexagonal packages and strapped under the burlap. It reduced the labor cost to achieve competitive advantages.

2) Laminated SS Steel bars

Industries are on constant improvement to change the conventional factories into smart ones that make efficient usage of resources as per the needs. Venus Wires, a leading SS product manufacturing company, has an automated solution for the measurement of the straightness of laminated steel bars. Bringing the best out of products for its wide range of applications is not a part of the process, it is a process itself.

Our goal is to continue providing top quality and precision service to cater to a wide range of industrial demands and deliver defect-free products to our valued clients on time.

The future of Steel industry innovation

Adopting the resource-efficient innovations in the steel industry is not just economical but also minimizes the hazardous risks of manufacturing industries on the environment. Apart from converting the conventional approaches into highly-automated smart solutions, the new industrial revolution enables the different prospects of the manufacturing process to interact and perform at an enormous potential.