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By Venus Posted April 12, 2020 In stainless steel, stainless steel Bright Bar

Stainless Steel has now emerged to be the most widely used alloy in various fields such as construction, industrial machinery, and household appliances. Unlike other metals that corrode and weaken in the presence of water or due to oxidation over time, stainless steel holds firm regardless of the environmental conditions.

This is the very reason why it has found its valuable applications in the Marine industry. The choice of metals for the construction of ships and their fittings is exceptionally crucial as they have to survive the salinity of seawater along with harsh sunlight.

And here are a few reasons why stainless steel provides the best performance in such marine environments;

Anti-corrosive nature:
  • Stainless Steel contains an element called Chromium, which reacts with the oxygen in water and air to form a thin passive layer of chromium oxide over the steel. To be more specific, this thin layer of chromium dioxide is what prevents further corrosion regardless of conditions of exposure.
  • Hence, it is highly used for manufacturing deck fittings and rigging components like stainless steel wires and bars of a ship.
Increased strength & durability:
  • Stainless steel is readily known to be one of the hardest metals with multiple variants based on its alloy components.
  • This manufactured strength, combined with its corrosion-resistant nature makes it highly durable, thereby fits the criteria of building ships as they spend their entire life in the seawater.
Safety & Hygiene
  • Corrosion dust is extremely harmful if it enters the human body. Also, the corrosive cracks caused by rusting may lead to severe cuts and injuries if someone unknowingly walks into them.
  • However, as there is no corrosion in Stainless Steel, it also helps in creating a safe and hygienic environment.

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