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By Venus Posted July 12, 2018 In Stainless Steel Wires

Humans have been engaged in the metallurgical pursuits since very old days and have been pretty impressive with their inventions! The earliest of such inventions include copper, bronze, and the iron and these metals heralded new eras of development. Iron, in particular, found much demand & acceptance because of the abundance of the natural ores and the good abilities of extraction and refinement. Continued affinities with iron led to more innovations and steel could be called a marvelous result! More researches in metallurgy led to the manufacture of stainless steel which is much superior along many dimensions and therefore has become the first choice for many manufacturing sectors of the economy. Stainless steel manufacturers around the world are making primary products that are in high demand in different enterprises and ancillaries. Here are the reasons why SS products are the first choice in many industries-

Highly rust and corrosion resistant

This is a most important attribute of stainless steel and almost defines this metal alloy. Stainless steel has low carbon content and high chromium content (which should not be less than 10.5%). Nickel and other elements may be also present. The most common type which 304 SS has 18 – 8 composition of chromium and nickel respectively.

The rust and corrosion resistance of stainless steel is derived from the formation of a layer of chromium oxide at the surface. This layer is highly versatile and resists the action of moisture and other corrosion agents like salt water and milder acids of the environment. Therefore SS remains unaffected for life in conditions in which ordinary iron or simple carbon steel would lose. Corrosion resistance makes the components made with SS very durable and of high quality.

Very durable

The durability of the stainless steel is mainly the function of its rust and corrosion resistance which makes it highly resilient. Therefore enterprises rely on SS to make the machine components so as to reduce the wear and tear.

High strength and sturdiness

SS has a specific arrangement of the atoms of elements that are used in the making of this alloy. This structure/matrix of the stainless steel makes it one of the toughest options in metals and therefore many industries prefer SS as the base material, says the expert at a leading stainless steel manufacturer and exporter in India.

High elasticity quotient/impact resistance

It may sound weird to any layman but stainless steel has one of the highest elasticity values among many metals; courtesy to its alloying composition and resultant adjustment of the atomic matrix. High elasticity makes it the perfect choice for manufacturing products that have to bear high impact forces and tensions. Metal fatigue is very little in SS. Stainless steel wire manufacturers offer different products like for enterprise ambience pulleys, lifts, and such other high tensile applications.

Heat/fire resistant and temperature independent

Stainless steel can bear high temperatures like in fire and combustion chambers. It can also withstand lower temperatures. These qualities make it suitable for making food processing machinery and other enterprise machines.

Easy fabrication techniques available

Stainless steel can be easily cut into different forms and fabricated also like through specialty MIG and TIG welding techniques to make a large variety of products.

These qualities of SS are unparalleled and thus make it the best choice for many industries of the global economy.