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Type of Flux Core Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Type of Flux Core Stainless Steel Welding Wire

By Venus Posted December 18, 2016 In Stainless Steel Wires, Stainless steel welding wires

Flux core stainless steel welding wires contain various materials to facilitate welding process quite unlike gas metal arc welding wires which are solid throughout. There exist two types of flux cores stainless steel wires namely gas shielded & self shielded. Usage however is decided depending upon nature of the project & budget.

For a speedy arc welding, gas shielded flux cored wires are used as they have got a high disposition rate compared to a solid wire welder. The wire on the contrary would not be able to weld any thinner metal body like that of an automobile.

A self shielded welding wire on the other hand is competent to produce gas shielding that is a protection armor required by both solid & gas shielding welding wires to protect splash of metal. Various self shielded welding wires are available in market distinctively designed to serve each unique welding positions. Self shielded flux cored wire with a high disposition rate, cater to welding of only thick metal bodies. This property is quite similar to that of gas shielded flux cored stainless steel wires.

A slag is formed in gas shielded flux cored wires, a quality that allows it weld at high amperages than a gas metal arc welding wires. The unique slag formation does not let the weld splash become fluid. This enables the user to apply gas shielded wire in a vertical use welding. Post completion of welding removal of slag is an effortless job as compared to that in self shielded flux cored wires.

A self shielded wire doesn’t produce slag to capture the fluid on weld area hence cannot be applied for vertical welding. Removal of slag takes a great deal of time & effort on the part of the user.

According to welding operators & stainless steel wire manufacturers appearance of the weld holds a significant importance in their business. Working on a metal less than 3/16 inches & transforming it into a thin metal sheet of 24 gauges, solid wire will provide a cleaner look as compared to flux wires. In a location where the speed of the wind cannot be ignored, a solid or gas shielded flux core wire cannot be used as it will end up exposing the shielding gas to wind speed which in turn will affect the integrity of welding. A self shielded wire on the contrary is ideal for welding in outdoor location especially in with high speed wind blowing. A self shielded wire has a high portability because it does not require external shielding gas. The portability helps welding in agricultural operation where the field equipment repair can take place immediately with help of self shielded flux core wires as the repair shop will be few miles away. These wires provide excellent penetration on thicker metals.

Despite being expensive than solid wire, flux cored wires give one more productivity. Unlike solid wires they are capable of welding materials with long prevalent rust, mill scale or oil coated metals. The de oxidizing elements present in flux cored wires eliminate these contaminants by holding them in slag coverage.

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