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Uses of Stainless Steel in Automobile Industry

Uses of Stainless Steel in Automobile Industry

By Venus Posted March 28, 2017 In Stainless Steel Wires

To keep in line with stringent norms of pollution control agencies and safety organizations, automobile industries have been extending their best efforts to enhance the strength: weight ratio. And it is not surprising to see automobile industries moving towards effective utilisation of stainless steel to achieve their intended target. Yes, with excellent corrosion resistance and highly desirable mechanical properties, stainless steel has emerged as one of the primary material of construction in automobile industries. Recognized as one of the leading stainless steel manufacturers in India, it is indeed our privilege to illustrate the uses of SS in the automobile industry. Here we go!

Need for Stainless Steel in Automobiles

How come the pollution control norms, weight of the vehicle and usage of stainless steel are linked? Well, it is a known fact that a reduction of 10% in weight of the vehicle would automatically translate into 5% less of fuel consumption. With less fuel utilized, the quantum of pollution would also come down. As high strength steel paves the way for a reduction in kerb weight, it is a win-win situation for all concerned players!

Ferritic Stainless Steel in Automobiles

To enhance the efficiency of operating parameters, research scientists have been giving their attention to better exhaust systems that can withstand the harsh conditions of corrosions and environments. Hence the addition of several stabilizing elements with proper selection of stainless steel grades becomes a feature of paramount importance. Ferritic stainless steel with Titanium and Niobium has emerged as clear winners for exhaust systems that include manifolds, catalytic converters, mufflers, and pipes. As performance expectations are growing rapidly, complex designs are being worked out, and grades such as SS 409L, SS 432, SS 436L, SS 439, SS 441 are suitably deployed.

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Usage of Chrome – Manganese stainless steel devoid of Nickel as bumper material is slowly gaining momentum in automobile industries. As these materials drastically bring the thickness of bumpers by 75%, the industry is cheering at savings made in cost and content material. In fact, research engineers associated with major automobile industries have started exploring the options of using these materials for a variety of parts:

  • Body and floor panels, reinforcements and beams
  • Fuel tanks
  • Wheels, gear shafts, and suspension arms.

How about ultimately building the body of an automobile with cold-worked Cr-Mn steel that can bring the total weight of the body at least by 40%? In fact, engineers have almost reached with the final version of vehicles made out of these materials and the trial runs are on.

Other Uses

Stainless steel is also used in various parts such as pump bodies, heat shields, wipers, airbag containers, belt springs, hose clamps and much more. Although these look like minuscule applications, each one of them constitutes an essential cog in the whole complex system.

The story does not end here. Stainless steel has more and more applications in the automobile industry and engineers are continuously working to improve upon the situation. If you are looking out for a steel manufacturer in India for development of special material components for the automobile industry, you can always contact us for further discussion and be rest assured about the outcome of the product.