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What Are Application and Uses of Bright Bars?

What Are Application and Uses of Bright Bars?

By Venus Posted February 9, 2017 In stainless steel Bright Bar

Steel bright bars find diverse applications in the manufacturing sector.

Steel could be called as one of the best metallurgical inventions till date as it led to the expansion of the social economy at swifter rates. Today, it is rightly said that there is a little bit of steel in the life of everyone! This important metal, rather alloy has entered such deep in the lives of ordinary social dweller and in the industrial verticals that it has now become an indispensable element of the social economy.

The iron and steel companies have responded actively towards the emergent demands of the enterprises and ancillaries and have developed a wide array of products to suit the requirements of diversity. One such product is the bright bars that are made in different steel grades and the definitive attribute of these is the precise dimension – a quality which makes it the preferred choice in the manufacture of various products that demand high dimensional accuracy and finesse.

These are made in different sizes and forms like the rounds, flats and squares and hexagonal. Stainless steel round bars are among the most demanded type bright bars in the manufacturing sector and are used in the making of implements and machine components.

What Are The Different Types Of Steel Bars Available today?

Steel bars generally have the shapes such as flat, round, hexagonal, square, and channel. In most cases, it is the shape of the bar that defines its application area.

Flat Bars

Most of the flat bars find their application in construction industries in base plates and brackets.

Round Bars

SS round bar is one of the most vital players in the machining industry. With the fabulous property of corrosion resistance, SS round bars are employed in manufacturing industries that are indulged in the production of fasteners and machinery.

Also, our Fitmach bars, a highly specialized product, find their use in machining industries. These calcium-treated bars are of free-machining grades and thereby renders higher cutting speed and longer tool life. With precision straightened and mirror-finish surfaces, these specialty round bars can be widely employed in almost any bright bar application of machine parts.

Hexagonal and channel bars

These weight-bearing bars have their end-use in construction industries. With the possibility of tailor-made sizes, it is used in the fabrication of I beams, H beams, C beams, or any other major structural material.

Square bars

These are from one of the popular categories preferred for various bright bar applications in the manufacturing industry, catering to machinery, fasteners, and equipment.

What Are Some Common Bright Bar Application In The Real World?

Having discussed the applications based on the shapes, it would be definitely worthwhile to list out the applications also based on functional requirements. Here are some common industrial uses of different bright bars to know of:

In the making of fastener products

Stainless steel round bars are in high demand for making different types of fastener products like bolts, nuts, pins, and rivets which could be micro size to mega-size also depending upon the application and customs requirements. The bright bars in round shape are the perfect base material for machining and making these fasteners that are used in industrial ambiances or domestic applications.

Manufacture of Tools

Round bars manufacturers in India and around the world are supplying high-grade SS base material for the making of tools and implements of direct use by technicians and mechanics. The round bright bars are a good choice for machining them economically and derive tools in custom shapes and forms.

Manufacture of Machine Components

Bright bars in different shapes and sizes are directly used for manufacturing the machine components like the smaller ones used in the automobile engines. The manufacturers are supplying very high-quality SS base products to the ancillaries and brands for making these machine components.

Engineering and Construction Sector

Stainless steel round bars and flats are often used in construction and engineering projects. These provide immediate stability and strength and hence the project could be quickly accomplished through the modular bright bars products.

Solenoid bars of ferritic stainless steels, the backbone of electromagnetic instrument industries, have good wear resistance, superior resistivity, and higher hardness. The role played by these bars as plungers in control valves, and electronic fuel injectors, electrical and electromagnetic devices, relays, printers, solenoid valves are worth a word of appreciation.

Rails and Trellis

Square, round and flat bright bars are used in the manufacture of trellis and fences or rails in buildings. These days, the demand for SS bright bars is high for making fancy trellis and staircases.

Railway engines and rail tracks use specialized steel bars that are sturdy enough to withstand the continued load, friction, heat, and weather changes.


Automobile frames and chassis are now being made with different grades of steel bright bars in flats, squares, and rounds.

Agriculture-based Tools

Agro-based companies are trying to develop more unique bright bar applications in designed new and improved tools and vehicular accessories that can optimize specific farming routines.

Army & Defence Equipment

Producers of Military and Navy equipment extensively used SS bright bars, sheets, and wires in designing their trucks, ships, defense equipment, arms, etc.

Hospitality & Healthcare

Stainless steel application in the hoteling and healthcare industries is the more prominent development as it has revolutionalized the quality of service in both these industries. Given the hygienic and non-reactive nature of all bright bars, they are extensively used in designing most clinical and surgical tools. The same quality makes them the first choice for building regular use utensils and appliances essential in restaurants and hotels.

Cold Storage Solutions

Since stainless steel also withstands extreme low temperature, it also suits the cold room and cold storage applications, which are currently gaining prolific popularity in the storage industry.

Oil & Mining

The petroleum and mining industry uses bright bars for high strain activities in the presence of highly reactive chemicals that most metals cannot hold without losing form. It has increased the profitability of the oil and mining industry and reduced the costs of their products for the end-users.

Design & Decor

Besides being functional, bright bars are now also used to create fashionable, decorative artworks and home accessories. This bright bar application has also gained more prominence due to the impeccable formability and finishing they offer in intricate designs.

How Is Venus Contributing To These Stainless Steel Applications?

Irrespective of the application, all SS bars need to be formed and tested as per strict global standards that ensure higher safety and performance in the products that utilize them. At Venus, ultrasonic tests, surface, and internal defects tests, composition analysis, tensile strength, and other mechanical and chemical properties tests are invariably carried out to certify every product. We aim not only to substantiate the worthiness of our bright bars but also to establish their suitability for the intended bright bar application.

To know how our bright bars can enhance your end products’ abilities, reach out to our stainless steel experts today.

All such uses of steel bright bars have emerged because of the precise dimensions in which these products are made available by the manufacturers. The applications mentioned above have the common demand of accuracy and stability which is ensured through the quality SS bright bars.