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What Are Uses Of Stainless Steel In Architecture Area?

What Are Uses Of Stainless Steel In Architecture Area?

By Venus Posted February 16, 2017 In Stainless Steel Wires

Gone are the days, when architects were solely dependent on cast iron or carbon steel materials for enhancing the aesthetics and architectural view of a structure. With stainless steel becoming more affordable and cost efficient, architects have smartly started to deploy stainless steel for various applications. But what made architects to rush towards SS? Ask any stainless steel supplier of construction industry and they would point their finger towards luster, durability, maintenance & cleaning, availability of various surface finishes, economics, production feasibility, and corrosion resistance of SS. So, how best SS can be used by an architect?


Stainless steel roofs are rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to several choices of stainless alloys, surfaces, and easy fixation techniques. For instance, it is very much possible to go for Matt finished, cold rolled steel having sufficient strength for self support using Duplex steel and have a visually aesthetic roof. Should we say more?

Pedestrian bridges

Be it for skywalks or simple cycling tracks across a water bed, nothing works better than SS bridges to infuse aesthetic appearance. As most of the thick slabs of SS are prefabricated using suitable techniques such as water jet cutting, it really becomes easy to assemble them at the site through welding or fasteners, says one of the stainless steel manufacturers in India.


Perhaps, steel is as important as glass when facades are being designed under the banner of trendy architecture. Infact, it would not be wrong in place to mention that for the last eight decades or so, stainless steel has been extensively used to achieve weatherproof exteriors in many of world’s tall structure.

Fire protection doors

As fire doors need to withstand high temperature, it is of paramount importance to choose right material. Stainless steel perfectly fits this requirement and also offers additional advantage of good mechanical property. If you are insisting for fire door in highly hygienic structures, straight away opt for SS fire doors.


Again, as we talk about hygienic conditions offered by stainless steel, sanitary installations in public and private washrooms comes flashing across our minds. Moreover with high versatility, attractiveness, and longevity, the functionality and adaptability offered by stainless steel is beyond match.

Solar panels

With world started moving towards renewable energy sources, it is no wonder stainless steel offers zero leak and long lasting roof skins that can very well integrate themselves with solar panel modules. As SS offers secure fixtures, architects are more than happy!


Can there be better way other than doors and interiors to gain the impression about the cleanliness of a lift. As SS offers excellent cleanability, the surfaces can be easily brushed routinely to remove any sorts of dusts or stains.

Louver blinds

Although it is a new entrant under the perspective of architecture, it has already become a raging hit. Yes louver blinds made out of stainless steel offers multi-folded advantages than the conventional ones, such as high reflection of light, ability to guide light profiles and cleanability.

Well, the role of SS in architecture is beyond match and has been growing by leaps and bounds. If you need special application of SS wires and rods for your architecture perspective, you can always contact us.