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By Venus Posted April 8, 2017 In Stainless Steel Wires

With stainless steel invention, the Stainless steel manufacturer and exporters industry got revolutionized, with tremendous energy & force on heavy engineering equipments including manufacturing of automobiles, motors, shafts and pumps. It is true in every sense that each & every aspect of human life is touched by products & services of stainless steel.

A pump shaft bar is a rotating or swing round, straight bar that transmits motion and torque. They are basically supported by bearings and carries gears/ wheels.

Pump Shaft Quality bars showsturned, ground and polished shafting action used in the rotating industries by Stainless steel Bars manufacturers. The manner in which these bars are treated leads to a tighter diameter tolerance which is achieved through the effects of wear and providean excellent functional product with specified controlled properties. It also enhances the performance of Pump Shaft Quality bars which further ensure minimal vibration through the complete shaft length.

Hence, it results is a more efficient, effective, reliable, stable, and high-performing pumping system. It was earlier used for precision shafting in pumps but now because of its tighter diameter tolerances, it is used by stainless steel manufacturer and exporters in many other applications.

Stainless steel Bars manufacturers customize the Pump Shaft Quality bars in different ways such as grade, size, length and finishing, while maintaining the tolerance & quality levels depending upon the application use of the Pump but will always be manufactured on higher standards as compared to common steel bars. Following attributes or characteristics must be taken into consideration while manufacturing and exporting PSQs.


Pump Shaft quality bars require a very tight degree of straightness as when they spin at higher speeds, vibration within the pumping equipment becomes a concern. PSQs which do not conform their quality standards can cause damage to much extent. Variances cannot exceed 0.0005” in the first three feet of the shaft, and 0.0015” for each foot over the first three. Following these specification helps minimize harmful vibrations within the shaft and equipment.


As they are used in those applications where heavy loads & high speed involved, which results in very large extent of pressure & stress. If they are not handled properly while their movements, they can bring an unexpected event of an accident with major impact. Hence, the exact specification should be determined. They have a minimum yield of 75 KSI, and a tensile strength of 100 KSI. This strength allows them to withstand heavier loads.


Due to high precision rate, it must fulfill the requirement/application for which it is developed, in order to prevent damage to both the machinery and to itself. As outer diameter requirements are being critical, they must remain in their tolerance levels.


With the rigid precision straightness and tight diameter tolerances, handling & shipping of Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) requires careful and special considerations, with a special focus on packaging to achieve customer satisfaction.

PSQs are high-quality stainless steel bars which can be manufactured as per the customer requirement in customized shapes and size along with variability. They also possess the resistance to corrosion which makes them ideal for the use of a difficult application.