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By Venus Posted August 11, 2017 In stainless steel

Nickel was first identified back in the 1700s and was called kupfernickel, because it was found in a rock which had some resemblance like the copper ore. The miners have once thought that it is nothing like nickel, thinking that such elements makes it hard for them to get hold of extract copper from the rocks. They didn’t know that nickely would be become the most important industrial metals.

How can nickel help the stainless steel industry?

Nickel happens to make stainless steel energy must corrosive resistant whenever it is in the form of 300 series along with other PH grades and stainless alloys. Several 400 series stainless steels are very much high chromium carbon steels which are not fully corrosion resistant in spite of the inclusion in such a category of stainless steel. The alloys which are of 440 C and 416 will show little corrosion when they have been left in water for some time when the water has been dried on them.

What should you know about nickel?

Nickel happens to be a very important and essential alloying element in the last 300 series of stainless steel grades. The presence of nickel results in the formation of austentic structures which gives their grades the needed strength, ductility, toughness as well as cryogenic temperatures. It also makes the material much non magnetic. While the whole role of nickel comes with no influence on the development of surface layer which is passive, it always comes with improvement in resistance towards acid attack, particularly with sulphuric acid.

How does nickel help?

There are several benefits that come with using nickel in a stainless steel industry. First and foremost, adding chromium will decrease the toughness of steels. The nickel will compensate the decrease of such toughness. The chromium will also induce ferromangnetism in steel which is not desired in a few applications. Nickel can also help in countering such problems.

How can you benefit from nickel alloy pipes?

The first benefit of nickel alloys is that they are heat resistant. They can work in extreme high temperatures and extreme conditions. They have low expansion which is very much beneficial for stainless steel industries.


Overall, chromium is actually what makes stainless steel stainless. They are far more needed than any other. Nickel will also enhance these corrosion resistance steel which are at high temperatures. The Perlite Steel which happens to be one of the leading manufacturers as well as exporters of stainless steel pipes in India.

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