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Venus, the leading stainless steel bar manufacturer and exporter in India, has vast experience in the manufacture of TRU-TUF – an AISI 630 type martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steel commonly referred to as 17-4 PH.

These steels are used for critical operations that require superior corrosion resistance and high impact strength upto a temperature of 6000F. As these steels are hardened at low temperatures by single ageing treatment, probability of distortion is very less. Our TRU-TUF bars strictly adhere to the above requirement and contain 17% chromium, 4% nickel and 3-5% copper.

The wide area of application includes Oil Field, Aircraft Fittings, Pump Shafts, Reactor Components, Valve Stems, Hydraulic Fittings, Food Industry Equipment’s and Mills. The hardening required for TRU-TUF bars is stringent but is easily catered to by our in-house state-of-the-art heat treatment facilities. The bars are supplied as per H900 / H925 / H1025 / H1075 / H1100 / H1150 / H1150 D / H1150 M heat treatment hardenings. Our TRU-TUF bars are manufactured in the range of 6.35 mm (¼”) to 152.4 mm (6”) diameter.

Irrespective of the size of the supply lot, all our bars are tested at critical conditions to satisfy our in-house quality control and quality assurance program accredited by global certifications.

AISI630 / 17-4 PH/1.4542
XM – 12 (15-5PH)


AISI630 / 17-4 PH/1.4542
XM – 12 (15-5PH)

AISI630 / 17-4 PH/1.4542

XM – 12 (15-5PH)


Heat Treatments

  • Solution annealed
  • H900 / H925 / H1025 / H1075/ H1100 / H1150 / H1150 D / H1150 M
  • Custom aged conditions
  • Tested to customized conditions
  • High impact strength
  • Incompliance with NACE, API, SAE, AMS, ASTM, MIL, EN10088-3 standards

Area of Applications

  • Oil Field Applications
  • Aircraft Fittings
  • Pump Shafts
  • Reactor Components
  • Aircraft Engine Parts
  • Mill Equipment’s and many more
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